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115 Dig It Dog

The stereotypical dog digs a hole to bury or uncover a possession that has been hidden. It isn’t always as simplistic as that. I’ve had dogs that were escape artists and dug until they were free on the other side. It actually hurt my feelings that they kept digging. Were they trying get away from me? Were they bored and wanted to see what was on the other side? I tried a variety of different methods to prevent their breakout until I had the boys fixed. They stopped. ‘Click’goes the light bulb for me; they were tunneling out to find girlfriends… Duh, slap hand to forehead.

Just like people, some dogs crave the taste of soil or smell of fertilizer. I don’t really know any people who delight in dirt al dente but I’ve heard it could be a sign of mineral deficiency. Here’s a tip-don’t let your dog go through an airport checkpoint with fertilizer on their paws; they may get detained. It happened to me. I was stopped and frisked at the airport for having a bomb like substance on my shoes, which was really fertilizer.

Certain breeds dig for the pure gratification of digging. They like to get your attention while they tear up the yard and admire their destruction. Then again dog paddling into the earth is a good form of exercise. Did you know that one in three marriages end in divorce as a result of digging dogs? Actually, I made that up but it could be true. Picture the spouse who had poured many hours, dollars and sweat into the perfectly designed yard. Unbeknownst to them the dogs have dug a crater to the Equator. You notice the gaping hole but decide to keep it a secret. When your spouse asks you if you would like to accompany them for a walk on the beach or a movie, you say, “No Hon, you go on ahead.” Your spouse leaves a little apprehensive while you impatiently thrust them out the door. Once they’re gone, you rush to fill in the hole with dirt before they notice. Now imagine this happening repeatedly. Their suspicion rises to a feverish, ready-for-a-divorce, pitch! You must confess…and all is forgiven. Well, except for the deep crevices all over the yard.

Whatever a dog’s reason is for excavating, they have an unwavering concentration that I would like to harness for myself. Perhaps Brody can dig up a bottle of focus for me.
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