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127 Lovitude

This happens when…
…you bring home a new squeaky toy; he grabs it, whips it around then takes a moment to look up at you with lovitude.

…getting ready to leave in the morning, snatch up your keys, your cell phone, your travel mug, gather up your files. Don’t forget to crate the dog! Run to the bedroom, calling her name, run to the kitchen, not there either. There she is waiting in her kennel looking to you grateful for her safe home. That’s lovitude.

…you come home late; you know Sparkle is busting to go out. The first thing you do is open the door to the backyard, she should be mad but she looks up at you with what? Lovitude.

…you see him digging a hole; you shake your head “no.” He looks at you, knows he was bad; he comes running to you and gives you what look? The look of lovitude, cuz you didn’t yell at him, how could you when he looks at you that way?

…it’s been a few days, you ask your dog if he wants to go for a car ride, he looks at you, “does a bear shit in the woods?” That’s lovitude.

…when you locate your dogs’ special scratch spot they lean into you for continuous bliss. They communicate lovitude.

…letting your dog sleep wherever on whatever-that’s lovitude too.
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127 Lovitude