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1 st Book Review by Patricia A. Bloom, Ph.D

BOOK REVIEWED by Patricia A. Bloom, Ph.D
Captured . . . The Look of the Dog

In Captured . . .The Look of the Dog, Gloria Yarina (photographer) and Fern Goodman
(writer) take us into the world of dogs, with photographs, anecdotes, poems, and sketches that highlight each dog in a unique, inimitable way. The artful photographs are complemented by the writer’s razor-sharp wit and sense of the absurd, making the final composition a delightful read.
It seems we have always been fascinated by the ability of the camera to capture a moment
in time. We study the photograph to see what the eye did not, and we are thrilled with discovery.

What intrigues us most, perhaps, is that every photograph is infused not only by where the lens
was pointing but by the artist taking the picture. Thus, no two scenes, taken by different
photographers, or even by the same photographer at different moments, are ever alike. The artist selects, the camera accepts.

For those who love dogs, these photographs provide a look inside its nature, depicting in
either realistic or fanciful ways, the meritorious delights of our faithful companions. Unlike other
books of dog photographs, however, the photographer, Ms. Yarina, has enhanced many of the pictures with artistic embellishment. Thus, while numerous books have portrayed the dog in all its wondrous and varied forms, this is a publication that captures the dog in ways we have not seen before. It is, appropriately, titled: Captured . . .The Look of the Dog.

The writing, by Fern Goodman, gives to the picture of each dog, not only its identity, but
a special luminescence. Some descriptions make us laugh, others make us think, and all are
perfectly phrased to encapsulate and illuminate the picture before us. Each photo/story is
compelling yet rapidly traced, like an old-fashioned zoetrope, where we are amazed and
transfixed by the moving images. Each story takes hold and reminds us, once again, that people who love dogs and write about them surely deserve our highest regard. For they are the ones who translate our feelings, which would otherwise go unexpressed and leave us hollow, unable to explain this extraordinary, time-honored relationship, the one that exists between each of us who ever had, and loved, a dog.

If you love dogs, photography or just the joy of the well-written word, Captured is a book
you must have, to keep, to savor and enjoy, to return to again and again.

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Patricia A. Bloom, Ph.D.
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1 st Book Review by Patricia A. Bloom, Ph.D