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You found me… GLORIA YARINA!

My two passions of photography and dogs have led me to develop a book project with my sister, FERN GOODMAN. We have titled the book “CAPTURED…The Look of the Dog." Dogs are utilized more today than ever before. They appear in advertising logos, marketing strategies, song lyrics, and star in movies and television. Dog ownership is the new normal. Everyday I interact with someone who owns a dog and every dog has countless looks.

I have to admit I was skeptical how our familial connection would mingle with a productive relationship, but it has been remarkable. When I tell people that I am working on a fiction book with my sister they raise their eyebrows in disbelief or envy. It is going better than I could have ever imagined and I am truly impressed with what we have accomplished. All the text and photographs are our original creations. Theoretically, my sister is the writer and I am the photographer, however we collaborate on the final decisions in both areas. Up until this point our paths have meandered in various directions from intersections of extreme closeness to emotions of wide distance. Although our sisterhood experience spans over 50 years, we were both surprised that our philosophies have grown to be so similar. We brainstorm ideas and solve issues as a winning team. I am so proud of her and everything that she has contributed. Sure we could have bonded and had a rewarding experience running the Amazing Race but this is so much safer and less strenuous.

Over the years our one unwavering connection has always been sport shopping. We have literally shopped until we dropped because neither one of us would tire before the other. Now we inspire each other and are forever linked not only by blood but also by our creativity. We haven’t given up shopping completely but “Captured… The Look of the Dog” is our number one pride and joy. We want to share it with you and everyone else who relates to dogs in any capacity.

by Gloria Yarina
as told to my sister Fern Goodman

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Gloria Yarina, Photographer, Dog Lover

Education/Affiliations: B.S. Degree Art Education, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Indian River Photography Club, Foster Volunteer American Brittany Rescue and Photographer for various rescued Dogs and Cats.

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Guestbook for Gloria Yarina, Photographer
I think you love the blue colour a lot. Because in every photo there is the natural beauty of the blue. Everything was so cool and I loved them all. Photography is an art and you are best in that. So cool.
barbara arens(non-registered)
Hi Glo
read the entire book & especially loved our girls as they were just adorable. The image of both at the end of the stories was awesome. Pampered pooch was more than on the money for pampering, the request for lemon water hit a ten. loved the positions of the poopoo tales & the questions that seem so natural as we return from a pottie walk. Have circulated 6 copies within the family & comments ranged from remarkable tales. unbelievable photos. what gorgeous animals,&many comments with the quality of the project as a whole.
Barbara Arens(non-registered)
Gloria your sister & you have designed & written a gift to my husband & I. We loved
the story of elegance & style. The photo is simply adorable. Thanks for your kindness
Keep me posted Barb
Fern Goodman(non-registered)
Puppy social...what a concept! too precious for words
Amy (Strager) Scapelliti(non-registered)
I just loved it! We dog lovers come up with the greatest middle dog....yes I have 3!.....sings.....sometimes to guitar...flute, piccolo....and harmonica....he is a 6 year old male miniture schnauzer named Luigi....a rescue like my other two...Gidget....16 yrs old....Lhasa apso....and the baby...gwenny, she is 2 yrs old. Kinda border terrier...not quite could do a book on special talents of dogs...what fun!
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