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Pictures taken at a get together on Sunday, December 8, 2013.

Vero Beach Dog Park 2 dogs

Vero Beach Dog Park 2 dogs

Vero Beach Dog Park

Vero Beach Dog Park

oak and dog blk n wht

oak and dog blk n wht

dogs park 8748 gy

"erman sheperd and irish setter", dogs, "dogs playing", "dog park"

dogs park 8576 gy

dogs, "dog park", "dogs playing"

dog park stly 8484 gy

"german shepherd", dog, "dog park"

dog park 8849 gy

spaniel, "king charles spaniel", dog, "dog park"

dog park 8818 gy

poodle, "poodle and small dog", "dog park", "dogs playing"

dog park 8788 gy

"Black Lab", Labador, "Labador Retriever"

dog park 8783 pstr gy

Vizsla, dog, "dog park", "dog ready to play"

dog park 8769 gy

"irish setter", "irish setter mix", dog, "dog park", "dog relaxing"

dog park 8756 gy

dog, mutt, mix, "cattle dog mix", "aussie mix", "dog park"

dog park 8689 gy

dogs, "german shepherd", "dogs playing", "dog park", spitz

dog park 8660 gy

dogs, labs, "yellow lab", "black lab", "dogs playing", "dog park"

dog park 8653 gy

dog, "black dog", "lab pit pull mix", "dog park"

dog park 8648 gy

spaniel, "king charles spaniel", "dog park", dog

dog park 8639 gy

mutt, "mixed breed", "cattle dog mix", "aussie mix", "dog park"

dog park 8636 gy

dog, "german shepherd mix", "at dog park"

dog park 8598 gy

dogs, "german shepherd", lab, "yellow lab", "dog park", "dogs playing"

dog park 8597 gy

King Charles Spaniel

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