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42 Get a Lil Chi

During the height of its notoriety, even cat people had thoughts of owning the affectionate, snuggly petite canine. Many were shocked to learn that in reality this tiny dog is also feisty, spunky, and sometimes more than a little snippy. But how cool is it to show off your devoted dog in the palm of your hand? Just don’t let yourself be suckered into dressing your Chi Chi like a cute little Mexican Caballero. These pups look to anyone for assistance with their round watery eyes as if to plead, “Help me get out of this ridiculous outfit, por favor. Ay caramba, it is itching the crap out of me!”

These muscular dogs are overflowing with so much personality that you can’t help but adore them. Chiwawas are the little big breed, little in body but big in ears, attitude and the biggest most expressive looking eyes. Once they bond, they love big too!

Hey, why not take two, they’re so small.
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